Dialogue Between Two Friends About Opposes to Go Abroad for A Job

Question: Sakib wants to go abroad for a job but his friend Kamal opposes it. Write a dialogue between Kamal and Sakib.


Answer: A dialogue between Kamal and Sakib:

Kamal: Hello, Sakib how do you do?

 Sakib: I’m fine. What about you?

Kamal: I’m fine too. I came to know that you’re going to Kuwait for a job. Why don’t you try in the country?

Sakib: I have tried several times in our country. But I failed to do anything in our country.

Kamal: But why?

Sakib: Because we’re facing an acute unemployment problem in Bangladesh, aren’t we?

Kamal: That’s true. Our country is not industrially developed. So, job opportunity in our country is very limited.

Sakib: On the other hand, people serving abroad send a lot of foreign exchange in our country.

Kamal: Yes, it’s a good source of earning foreign currency.

Sakib: I think many, people will not be able to render a significant service in our country. So, it is better to go abroad.

Kamal: Yes, I agree. Wish you success.

Sakib: Thank you very much. I shall meet you before I leave the country.

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