Dialogue Between Two Friends About a Picnic They Have Enjoyed

Question: Write a dialogue between two friends about a picnic they have enjoyed.



Kamal: Hello, Hassan! How did you enjoy a picnic?

Hassan: It was really exciting. It was more enjoyable to me because I had never been to Garo Pahar.

Kamal: I had also never been to Garo Pahar before. Our journey was very enjoyable. The scenic beauty of the place is wonderful.

Hassan: The lunch was also a great attraction to all of us. We were very hungry. So, we took our lunch an out heart’s content. The song, dance, comedy, and games also added to our pleasure.

Hassan: You have taken a lot of snaps, haven’t you?

Kamal: Yes. Here are the photographs.

Hassan: The picnic was so enjoyable that I ‘will recall it for a long time.

Kamal: same to me. Thank you very much. Bye.

Hassan: Bye.

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