Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend Who Has Enjoyed A Picnic Recently

Question: Write a dialogue between you and your friend Jamal who has enjoyed a picnic recently.

Answer: A dialogue between myself and my friend Jamal who has ‘enjoyed a picnic recently:

Myself: Hello, Jamal, how did you enjoy the picnic at Sonargaon last week?

Jamal: It is an exciting experience for me.

Myself: I have read about Sonargaon which was once the Capital of Bengal during the reign of Issa Khan?

Jamal: It is really wonderful.

Myself: What are the things worth seeing?

Jamal: The “Loko Shilpa” museum and “Karu Palli” are really amazing.

Myself: What else?

Jamal: Yes, a symbolic sculpture by Zainul Abedin at the entrance of the ancient Palace of Issa Khan is really fantastic. It shows the warrior Issa Khan mounting on a horse. On the opposite side of the museum, the arrangements for cooking was also very good. The lunch we took was very delicious. A professional cook was hired by our Headmaster. Our physical teacher, two of our bearers helped the cook to prepare food.

Myself: You also enjoyed sight-seeing!

Jamal: Of course, we enjoyed so much. We moved around the spot and had taken a lot of photographs.

Myself: It is really memorable.

Jamal: Thank you so much.

Myself: Thanks, let us go together to the class.

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