Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About the Standard of Living in Bangladesh

Question: Imagine, you are Hawn. You have a friend named Kama. He lives in Australia. He has come to visit Bangladesh. He finds that the standard of living in Bangladesh is very low. Now, write a dialogue between you and Kama about the standard of living in Bangladesh:

Answer: A dialogue between myself and Kama about the standard of living in Bangladesh:

Myself: Hi, friend! After a long time, we are meeting again. Isn’t it?

Kamal: Right you are. Actually, I have come to visit Bangladesh after eight years.

Myself: It’s a pretty long time indeed. You have become the citizen of Australia. What’s your idea about the standard of living in Bangladesh at present?

Kamal: Oh! it has become very low, I simply got astonished to see the standard of living of the people of Bangladesh.

Myself: Kamal, you are right. But do you know the cause of it?

Kamal: I guess that many people are unemployed and those who earn money cannot keep their body and soul together.

Myself: Yes, you are partially right. Recently the price of everyday commodities has gone up several times. Middle-income group people let alone low-income group People cannot cope with the price hike.

Kamal: So, what’s the solution?

Myself: To increase the income of people and in this regard mostly government should take the initiative.

Kamal: The role of businessmen and multi-national companies is not less important.

Myself: You’re exactly right.

Kamal: Actually, all should cooperate with one another in this regard.

Myself: Thank you. Bye.

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