Dialogue Between a Customer and Bookseller on Buying Books

Question:  Write a Dialogue between a Customer and Book Seller on Buying Books.



Book Seller:  Good Morning. May I Help You, Please?

Customer: Yes I Want To Buy Some Books.

Book Seller: There Are Different Kinds Of Books Here. What Type Of Books Do You Want?

Customer: I Want Story Books For The Children.

Book Seller: Yes, I Want To Buy Children’s Book.

Book Seller: You’ll Find Children’s Book in Those Selves. Anyhow, I Am Bringing Them To You. They Are Very Popular Among The Children.

Customer: Please, Bring.

Book Seller: Here Are The Books.

Customer: How Much Do They Cost?

Book Seller: Two Hundred.

Customer: Here Is The Money.

Book Seller: Thank You. Please, Visit Us Next Time.

Customer: You’re Most Welcome. Bye.

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