Dialogue Between a Customer and A Salesman

Question: A customer wants to buy a shirt and a tie. The shopkeeper shows him some shirts and ties of various colours. Now, write a dialogue between the customer and the salesman.


Answer: A dialogue between a customer and a salesman:

Salesman: Good morning, sir.

Customer: Good morning, I like to buy a shirt and a tie.

Salesman: Here are they.

Customer: Thanks. Let me have a sight of them.

Salesman: I think they suit you well.

Customer: No, the shirt is a bit tight.

Salesman: Well, Here’s another piece.

Customer: Yes, this suits me well. Now show me the tie.

Salesman: Here A is.

Customer: Could you show me some ties of different colours.

Salesman: Sure, sir. What colour do you prefer, sir?

Customer: Navy blue. Salesman Ok. Here it is.

Customer: That’s fine, What’s the price?

Salesman: It’s altogether Tk. 12000/= Only.

Customer: Ok, here is the money.

Salesman: Thank you.

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