Short Composition on What I Would Do If I Won A Lottery

Question: Write a short composition about ‘What You Would Do if You Win a Lottery‘.

Answer: Lotteries are matters of mere chances. One does not have to show any skill or intelligence for it. The only thing necessary is to buy lottery tickets. Some people who buy many lottery tickets may not win any. On the other hand, a blind man buying only one ticket may win the first prize. I have bought a lottery ticket. I have done it to try my luck. If I win the lottery I shall spend it most judiciously according to the advice of my parents.

At first, I shall give the entire amount to my father. As we are almost landless people, I would request my father to buy some land where he can grow paddy, jute, sugarcane, oil seeds, etc. We shall spend an amount for this purpose.
Then I shall request my mother to make a list of the most essential things for our family. I like to spend some money on this connection. Then we shall buy good and tasteful clothes for the members of our family. I shall decorate my parents by giving them shoes, screen, lungi, shirt. I shall buy new school uniforms for myself and my sister. I shall request my teachers to suggest me some useful and essential books which will serve the purpose of reference books in future.

We shall repair our old dwelling house and purchase some furniture and utensils for the house. I shall also donate some money to the local mosque and orphanage. I shall open an account in a bank and keep the rest of the money there. The money will remain safe in the bank and annual interest will be added to it. Thus, I will spend the lottery money.

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