Short Composition on The International Mother Language Day

Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “The International Mother Language Day“.

Answer: The International Mother Language Day is a very significant as well as a memorable day in our national history. It is, on one hand, a day of sorrow and on the other, a day of pride. It is a day of condolence because on this day some valiant sons of our nation laid down their lives for the demand of Bangla as a state language of the then Pakistan. On the contrary, it is a day of pride because this day has been recognized as the International Mother Language Day by the UNESCO on the 17th November in 1999. This day is a symbol of protest and sacrifice to establish Bangla as the state language of Pakistan. This protest created a sense of Bangalee nationalism which ultimately paved the way to our War of Independence.

After the birth of Pakistan, the rulers of West Pakistan wanted to impose Urdu on Bengali speaking people. They tried to make Urdu as the only state language of Pakistan. But the students and the people of Bangladesh demanded that Bengali should be the state language as the majority of the population in Pakistan spoke in Bengali.

The students, as well as the people, started agitating against the decision. They called for a strike in the then East Pakistan. People responded to the call for the strike.

The Government imposed 144 in Dhaka city. But on the 21st February 1952, the people and the students defied 144 and started a procession from Dhaka University Campus, adjacent to Dhaka Medical College. Police opened fire on the procession. Many people died including Ranch Shang, Jabbar, Barkat. Many were injured and hundreds were arrested. But people came out in protest of killing the students and others. The agitation spread out all over Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan). Lastly, the govt of Pakistan had to recognise Bangla as a state language.

The importance of the 21st February is great to the people of Bangladesh. Every year this day is observed with due respect and solemnity. In the first hour of the day (that is one minute past 12 am.) the head of the state, as well as head of the government, place floral wreaths at the central Shahid Minar in Dhaka. Then the minister’s vice-chancellors of the universities, foreign diplomats, student leaders, artists, poets, pay respect to the martyrs by placing flowers and bouquets at the central Shahid Minar. Mourning procession starts from the central Shahid Minar to the graves of the martyrs at Azimpur.

Shahid Mincers are also built in almost all the districts and educational institutions. On the 21st February, people from every corner of our country pay homage to the martyrs. Flags are kept half-mast as the symbol of mourning. Seminars, Symposium, recitations, dramas are held in honour and in memory of the martyrs. The people of Bangladesh and the whole world has recognized the day as the International Mother Language Day.

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