Short Composition on Students and Social Service

Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “Students and Social Service“.

Answer: Society is an association of all classes of people with common interest, aim and principle. Students are not isolated from society. In a society, they enjoy individual liberty under common discipline. As social beings, they also enjoy certain rights and privileges. So, as the members of society, they are subject to perform certain duties to the society. There are many kinds of social services and students have a lot to do in this sector. Students’ service is especially important in poor countries like ours.

Student life is the period of education and training. It is not desirable that students should waste their time and energies in affairs other than education. But living in a developing country like our students have to render certain services for the development and progress of the nation. Students are in the process of learning and they can share their acquired knowledge with the illiterate and deprived citizens of our country. They may run night schools and teach the poor and working children as well as the uneducated adult people. If that is not possible, they can at least teach servants in their own house. Students can also teach the people about modem methods of cultivation, the use of fertilizers and proper caring of crops. They can also provide advice on earning methods, for example, whether to dig a pond for fish cultivation or to make a farm. Students have duties towards society no doubt, but they should not remain always preoccupied with these. They should render social services during leisure time or during long vacations.

They can teach people the problems of overpopulation and should encourage them to adopt the measures of family planning. Students can teach people the rules of health and sanitation They can teach them how to reduce pollution and how to lead a healthy life by staying neat and clean. Our uneducated people are very dirty. They have very little civic sense. They spit on the

floor, throw garbages here and there creating troubles for the pedestrians. They should be convinced that these are harmful habits. Most of the people of our country are poor and illiterate. The food they take has very little vitality. So a large number of people suffer from various diseases. The students can teach these people some basic treatments for diseases like dysentery and small infections.

Students can prove to be worthy during natural calamities. In times of flood, famine, cyclone, earthquake and epidemic they can come forward to help the people in distress. They can collect food, clothes and medicine and distribute them amongst the people in need. There are many other duties that students can perform as conscious citizens of a country. But not all students are aware of their duties. To save the country, every student should come forward with a helping hand. But doing so, they should not forget that proper attention should be given to education.

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