Short Composition on Fruits of Bangladesh

Question: Write a short composition on “Fruits of Bangladesh“.

Answer: Bangladesh is a land of fruits. Various kinds of fruits are grown in Bangladesh. The sizes, shapes and colours of those fruits are also different. Some are fleshy, some are juicy and others are solid. Some fruits taste sweet and some taste sour.

In our country, we mainly get some fruits which are worth mentioning Among all the fruits, mango is the most popular fruit in Bangladesh. It grows mainly in summer. It is green before it ripens. But it turns yellow when it is ripe. Under its skin, there remains a juicy flesh. It has got hundreds of varieties. Fazli, Langra, Mohonbhog, Gopalbhog, Himsagar are the most famous for sweet and delicious flavour. Rajshahi is famous for the production of superior quality of mangoes. Dinajpur and Bogra also produce plenty of mangoes.

Jackfruit is a kind of big fruit. It becomes an unwieldy size of about a mound. Its skin is rough and prickly and inside the surface, it is composed of many flakes which contain seeds. It is available in the rainy season. It is mostly grown in Gazipur, Tangail, Rajshahi, Mymensingh and Chittagong.

Pineapple is another prominent fruit of this country. It is available in plenty in the rainy season. It tastes sweet with a sour flavour Its is very juicy. Its outside is thorny

Coconut is another delicious fruit. It grows in all seasons. When it is green, we drink its water. When it ripens, we eat its kernel. Orange is a sweet and juicy fruit with a sour flavour. Orange contains sufficient amount of vitamin C. Banana is grown in almost all the seasons. Pawpaw is another kind of fruit which is available almost everywhere in the country. It also grows throughout the whole year.

Some fruits are available plentifully in summer. Among other fruits litchis, blackberries, dates, plums, melons, figs, native apples, star-apples, pomegranates, lemons, guava are worthy of mention. Fruits are very essential for general health because they contain vitamins and minerals. But it is a matter of regret that people are cutting down fruit-trees for wood, fuel and for many other purposes. They should be made aware of the utility of fruits. Most of the poor children are losing eye-sight for want of vitamin A which they can get from yellow-colour fruits. Hence fruit-trees must be planted lead in all vacant places around houses, besides high ways, railways and in all fallow lands.

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