Short Composition on Eid Day

Introduction: Eid is the most festive day for the Muslims and It is the Most Important Festival in Our Country. It is observed with great interest. It has a great importance for the Muslims, in facts, for the people of Bangladesh.

Meaning and teaching: the main aim of the day is to bring mankind under an umbrella with a festive mood. It teaches us that all are equal to Allah. It teaches us that we should love one another. We learn that Allah is omnipotent and we should bow down our head on him and we should love his creature.

Prohibitions: The day prohibits any type of misdeed. On this day the Muslims promise not to commit any sin anew. The day also shows the greatness and power of Allah.

A day of joy: it is the most festive day of the Muslims. We feel spiritually happy. All wear new dresses. The Muslims. We feel spiritually happy. All wear new dresses. The Muslims use ‘attar’ and ‘surma’ on their dresses. The children feel very happy on that day. Everybody passes the day with a smiling face.

Greetings: On this day the Muslimas exchange greetings. We embrace one another. We shake hands. We invite one another. The rich go to the houses of the poor and give them some gifts.

Conclusion: In conclusion, we a say that the day has a great religious value. We should follow the teachings from Eid.

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