Short Composition on A Journey by Bus

Our school was closed for Eid al-Fitr holidays for two weeks in July. My elder brother who resides in Dhaka asked me to celebrate the festival with his family. I went to Faridpur bus stand at 10 a.m. I got on a bus. The bus was packed up beyond its capacity. After about ten minutes the bus started for Goalanda. On the way, we saw many villages and paddy fields. The bus reached Goalanda and we got down from the bus. We then boarded the B.I.W.T.A. ferry which took us to Aricha at 11:30 a.m.

I ran to the bus stop and managed to occupy a seat on the bus. The bus was packed up soon. Many passengers had to travel the whole distance on the roof of the bus. It took about two hours to reach Nayerhat. On the way, it touched at a number of stoppages. The bus ran very speedily. It narrowly escaped a collision with a loaded truck which was running from the opposite direction. Many passengers cried out in fear. The passengers implored the driver to drive slowly.

The bus reached the suburbs of the city. Some passengers got down. We felt a bit relieved. Within half an hour the bus reached to the terminal and all the passengers got down. I hired a rickshaw and went to my brother’s residence. And thus, my journey came to an end.

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