Composition on The Horse

[Hints: Introduction, Appearance, Kinds, where found, Food and habits, Usefulness, Conclusion.]

Introduction: The horse is a faithful animal. It is called a noble animal for its intelligence.

Appearance: The horse is a four-footed animal. It has a strong body covered with soft and glossy hair. It grows six to eight feet high. It has a long neck with a flowing mane. So, it looks very beautiful. It has a hairy tail. It has no horn. Its hoofs are undivided. Its legs are well-built and fit for the race.

Kinds: There are horses of many kinds in the world. The Arabian horse is famous all over the world. They are strong. Swift and beautiful. The Australian horse is very big and the horses of Myanmar are small in size. The English horse is the most hard-working.

Where found: Horses are found in almost all countries of Asia and Africa. Wild horses are found in the forests of America.

Food and habits: The horse lives on grass, gram, oats, and hay. Its average life is fifteen to twenty years. The horse is easily trained. It loves its master dearly and is very obedient to him. It has a strange habit. It sleeps standing.

Usefulness: the horse is famous for its swiftness. It carries us on its back and draws our carriages. In England, it is also used in drawing plows. The hair on its mane and tail is used in making a brush. Its bones are also made into buttons. Trained horses show tricks in the circus.

Conclusion: As a faithful animal, the horse serves us in many ways. So, we should treat it kindly and take a great care of it.

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