Composition on My First Day at College

Question: Write a short composition on ‘Your First Day at College“.

Answer: Human life is a sum total of some events. These events may be both joyous and sad. We like to remember the joyful events very frequently. My first day at college is also a joyful event. It is still a thrilling experience for me. I feel delighted when I remember the day.

I clearly remember my first day at college. I had always a desire to study at a college from my childhood. When I got admitted into a college, it opened a new horizon before me.

It was a bright morning. I got ready and went to college for the first time in my life. When I reached the college, I was really surprised to see such a big campus. My heart began to dance with joy and excitement. Curiosity led me to move from one room to another and from one building to another. Almost all the rooms were big and spacious. The college auditorium was a special attraction to me. It was well dc orated. Meetings, debates, seminars, symposiums and other cultural functions are held in the auditorium.

There is a college library. A large building is full of thousands of books. I went to the library and I was greatly surprised to see such a huge number of books. The classes presented a new environment to me. The lectures of the professors, as well as their mannerisms, left a deep impression on my mind. The students’ common room charmed me very much. It was well-furnished. Carom, Table tennis, Cards, Chess, newspapers, magazines, and periodicals could be found there. I did not, however, take part in any games out of shyness. The chatty and care-free atmosphere of the common room was really enjoyable. By that time, I picked up some friends, later they became my classmates. One of them proposed that we should have a look at the Principal and his office. But our hearts throbbed at this proposal. However, we walked timidly towards his office. We could not bring ourselves to face him. Rather we hesitated. I could not, anyhow, stifle my curiosity. I got very curiously near to a window and stole a glance at the Principal. He had spectacles which leaned over his nose. He was a man of personality and learning.

My first day at college was a day of my self-discovery and self-realization. I returned home with a new experience and a new sense of responsibility.

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