Composition on Beggar Problem in Bangladesh

Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “Beggar Problem in Bangladesh“.

Answer: Beggar problem is one of the social and economic problems in Bangladesh. Many people have become beggars finding no other alternatives to earn their live hood. Many people like to beg for being invalid and unable to work for earning. There are also other kinds of people who are crippled and cannot earn their live hood by working. Some people will engage themselves in begging. These kinds of people are lazy and unwilling to work. They adopt begging as an easy job.

We have a religious misconception of helping the beggars. Many people think that helping the beggars or giving alms to the beggars is an act for which they will get a reward in the life hereafter. But in Islam, begging is never encouraged. From a social point of view, it is hateful in the society. From an economic point of view, beggars are considered liabilities to the society instead of assets. But we know that human beings are considered resources. The man has unlimited potentialities and if he can be educated and well trained, he will turn into resources. He will be able to increase our production and develop our economy.

But it is not possible for any person or organization alone to solve begging problem in Bangladesh. The society, as well as the nation as a whole, should engage solving the problem of begging.

The religious misconception and social superstition about giving alms to the beggars should be changed. In no way, the begging and the beggars should not be encouraged to continue this kind of act. Begging is most disreputable. It does not bring any dignity for anybody. Rather it makes a man narrow-minded and a narrow-minded person is detested by all.

The beggars should be rehabilitated in the society. A long-term programme for its success should be initiated by the government. But there are so many beggars in Bangladesh that it will be a mammoth task to solve this problem. It may not be possible to remove the problem, but the problem may at least be minimized if we try for it.

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