Composition on A Visit to An Export Fair

Question: Describe your experience on A Visit to An Export Fair/International Trade Fair/Dhaka International Export Fair.

Answer: An International Trade Fair is a large-scale exhibition of the products of arts, crafts, agriculture, and industry. It helps a country attract the foreign buyers and to earn foreign exchange. It strengthens the economic tie between the host country and other participating countries. Last year I had an opportunity to visit an International Trade fair.

The fair was organized jointly by the Export Promotion Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka. It continued from 1st December to 31st, December 2018. We entered the fair at 5 pm.

In the fair, many countries such as India, China, Japan, East Germany, Malaysia, and Korea participated. They displayed models of their exportable products and tired to attract the interested importers from different countries including Bangladesh. We visited different stalls. The stalls for ready-made garments attracted us so much. Our visit to the stalls of ceramic industries, plastic industries, melamine industries was also interesting. We bought some products.

Many exportable food items by various companies of our country were displayed. Among the food items, jam, jelly and different kinds of pickles attracted the notice of the buyers.

Among the agricultural and manufactured products, carpets, mats, bags, Rajshahi Sikl, Dhakai muslin, leather goods, tea, processed foods, etc attracted the foreign buyers very much.

We also visited the stalls of various countries like India, Malaysia, Korea, China, Germany, Japan, etc. and were charmed to see the quality of their products. I bought a camera from a Japanese stall at a very reasonable price.

We got to experience and were able to compare our products with the products of other countries of Asia like China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea. We realized that the products of our country are not inferior to the products those countries in regards to price and quality. If we try to improve the quality of our products, we will surely be able to improve our products and compete with the products of many other countries. If such fair is arranged every year, our industrialists and manufacturers will be encouraged to improve the quality of their products. Such an arrangement will be helpful for earning more foreign currencies and thereby developing our economy as a whole. At 10 pm I along with other friends returned home.

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