Composition on The Value of Reading Newspaper

[Hints: Introduction; Usefulness; A store-house of knowledge; Demerits; Conclusion.] Introduction: That carries the current news of the world in writing or printing is the newspaper. Nowadays every man wants to know current information of the world. Every morning newspaper comes to our door carrying news of home and abroad know at once what happens in […] Read more

Composition on Your School Library

[Hints: Introduction, Knowledge, Where situated, Size, Number and kinds of books, How we use it, Its Utility, Conclusion.] Introduction: A library is a collection of various kinds of books. Every high school has a library which is good enough to serve the purpose of a school. It is intended for the use of the teachers […] Read more

Composition on The City of Dhaka

[Hints: Introduction, situation, area, population, Its history, Its beauty, Centre of Education, Commerce and communication, Conclusion.] Introduction: I live in Dhaka. Dhaka is an old city. It is the capital of Bangladesh. Situation, area, population: Dhaka stands on the northern bank of the river Buriganga. The Buriganga bridge has connected the southern bank with the […] Read more

Composition on My Childhood Days

[Hints: Introduction, Childhood day, The Padma, The Kamafilly, The Hat, The Town, Conclusion.] Introduction: Man loves to re-back the past again and again by cultivation his memory. The present may be good. But the past is golden. Nothing is more pleasant to him than to recall the memories of his childhood days. I often remember […] Read more

Composition on The School Magazine

[Hints: Introduction, how it is ‘published, Its contains, Conclusion] Introduction: The School Magazine is a periodical published once or twice a year. It aims at encouraging the literary and cultural activities of the students. Row it is published: The publication of a school magazine is a hard task. At first, it is eventual to form […] Read more

Composition on A School Teacher

[Hints: Introduction, His qualifications, His position in the society, His Duty to the Society, Conclusion.] Introduction: A teacher is an important person in society. He brings the illiterate mass to light. He is a nation builder. He is the backbone of the society so to say. The prosperity, glory, and fame of the nation fully […] Read more