Application for A TV Set in The Hostel Common Room

Question: there is no TV set in the common room of your hostel. Students do not get an opportunity for recreation. Now, write an application to your headmaster for a TV set in your hostel.

22 February 2013
The headmaster,
Jamalpur Zila high school,

Subject: Application for a TV set in the hostel common room.

This is to inform you that there is no TV set in our school hostel common room. Recreation plays an important role in leading a happy and cheerful life. As we have no medium of recreation, we do not get any opportunity for recreation. So frustration and off mood always obstruct our main business. Besides, now a day’s television telecasts many instructive programmes that are very essential to sanction a TV set in our hostel common room in order to relieve us from the monotony of routine life.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to sanction TV set in our school hostel and oblige thereby.

We remain,
You’re most obedient pupils,
The students of Habiba Hostel,
Jamalpur Zila High school