Application for A Half Holiday

Question: write an application to the headmaster of your school for a half-holiday to witness a football match.

20 February 2013
The headmaster,
Sonapur high school,

Subject: application for a half holiday.

we, the students of your school, have the honor to state that the final game of the inter-school football tournament is going to be played between our school and human high school today at 4 p.m. In our school field. We are much interested in whiteness the match and encourage our players.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to dismiss the classes after the fourth period and enable us to whiteness the game.

Sincerely yours,
The students of
Sonapur high school




Application to The Principal of Your School Praying for A Half-Holiday

Question: suppose, the inter-district school football/cricket tournament is going to be held today at 3 p.m. in your school playground. The game will be played at your school and X high school. Now, write an application to the principal of your school praying for a half-holiday to witness the match.

15 May 2014
The Headmaster
X high school, Dhaka.

Subject: prayer for a half-holiday to witness the football/cricket match.

We, the students of your school, beg to draw your attention to the fact that inter-district school football tournament/cricket match is going on. Today our school is going to fight against X high school at 3 pm. So, we want to watch the match for which we are waiting eagerly.

We, therefore, request your favor to grant us half-holiday to see the match and help us to fulfill our cherished dream.

We remain
You’re most obedient pupils
XX high school, Dhaka.

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