Story on “What Is Play to One May Cause Death to Another”

There was a pond full of frogs. Some of them often put their heads’ out of the water and croaked loudly. One day some boys were playing by the side of the pond. When they heard the frogs croaking, they began to throw stones at them. All the frogs at once went down into the […] Read more

Report on Role of The Satellite Channels in Our Present Society

Question: Suppose you are a reporter of a Daily Newspaper. Now, write a report on the role of The Satellite Channels in our present society. Role of The Satellite Channels in Our Present Society Answer: Satellite television has added a new dimension to TV programming and telecasting. In fact, satellite telecasting appears the whole world […] Read more

Report on Garments Factory on Fire

Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of a national daily. You are assigned to cover a massive fire in a factory. Now, write a report on it. Garments Factory on Fire Answer: A garment factory was burnt completely when a terrible fire accident took place of Mahakhali in the Dhaka city 2nd July 2014 at […] Read more

Story on Failures Are the Pillars of Success

Robert Bruce was the king of England. His army was defeated again and again against King Edward I of England. Being defeated for ‘six times, he lost all hope. One day sitting up in his hiding place, he was brooding over his misfortune. Suddenly he noticed a spider trying to reach the ceiling with the […] Read more

Story on The Selfish Giant

Once there was a selfish giant who had a large and beautiful garden. The garden was full of soft green grass. Here and there all over the grass stood many colorful flowers like stars. The garden was a nice playground for the beautiful children. As a result, the children used to play in the garden […] Read more

Story on The Wolf and The Crane

One day a wolf had a bone stuck in his throat. It gave him much pain. He requested everyone to take out the bone. But nobody helped him. At last, he saw a crane walking in front of him. He’ requested the crane, again and again, to take out the bone from his throat but […] Read more