Composition on Greenhouse Effect

Question: Write a short composition on “Greenhouse Effect.” Answer: The rise in atmospheric temperature is known as the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is primarily responsible for the rise of temperature in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is given off when coal Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Value of Time

It is true that time and the ide wait for none. Time once gone is gone forever. Man’s life is short. He has to do a lot of things. So by making the right use of time, he can be Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Global Warming

Global warming, the rising temperature around the world, has some causes and effects. The main reason for this global warming is the huge amount of carbon resulting from environmental pollution. Again the destruction of forests adds to this problem. The Continue Reading »

Short Paragraph on The Jute

Bangladesh is the real home of jute. It is the main cash crop of Bangladesh. Jute plays an important role in her national economy. Jute is the fiber of our plants. The plants grow eight to ten feet in height. Continue Reading »

Short Paragraph on The Rice

The Rice is our principal food. Nearly half of the people of the world live on rice. We get it from paddy. The farmer first till land very well. Then they sow the seeds. In a few days, the seeds Continue Reading »

Paragraph on My Neighbors

Question: What do you mean by neighbors? Why are neighbors essential? How are your neighbors? Who is your next door neighbor? What are the main traits of him? What type of life does he lead? Answer: Neighbors are those persons Continue Reading »