Paragraph on The Smithy

The smithy? Where is the smithy situated? Who is called blacksmith? How is he? What does he do? Where does he do his work What do the school children do? How does he lead his life? How is he? A Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Tools for Gardening

Question: What are things needed for gardening? What is spade? What is the use of spade? How the spade in made? What is the use of rake? How is the basket made? What are the uses of the basket? Answer: Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Water Hyacinth

Question: What is hyacinth? Which things are needed for gardening? What are the uses of water hyacinth? How is it made? What do farmers do with water hyacinth? How do they look link? Answer: Water hyacinth is an aquatic plant. Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Globalization

Globalization basically refers to the expansion of trade and commerce between all countries but now it has encompassed many other spheres of life. People can now travel anywhere facing fewer immigration barriers and can communicate with anyone staying anywhere within Continue Reading »

Paragraph: On My Way to School

Question: Which school do you study? Where have you been living? How far is it from your residence? What do you see on the way? What bothers you much? What matters annoy you much? Answer: In Dhaka, it is often Continue Reading »