Short Paragraph on Air Pollution

No living can live without air. But it is being polluted now in many ways. Firstly, it is constantly being polluted by smoke from mills, factories and from carbon-mono-oxide gases emitted by motor vehicles. Secondly, big cities have thousands of cars, buses, and trucks plying all day long. These vehicles burn diesel and petrol oil which produce a lot of smoke and pollute the air. Especially, in the cities and big industrial areas, serious air pollution takes place. Thirdly, overpopulation is another cause of air pollution in our country. Fourthly, railway engines and powerhouses burn coal and oil which produce smoke and air is polluted. So, it is high time to take proper steps to plant trees everywhere and to control the haphazard growth of industries. To make the air fresh, the destruction of trees must be prevented. In fact, all possible steps should be taken by all concerned to stop air pollution.




Paragraph on Air pollution


  • What is air pollution?
  • Why is air so important?
  • Why does man make fire?
  • What is the consequence of air pollution?
  • How is air polluted?
  • What should we do to keep the air free from pollution?
  • How can we control air pollution?

Answer: Air pollution means mixing up of poisonous gases, dust, particles, smokes etc. with air up to such an extent that the air becomes harmful to us. Air is one of the most important elements of the environment. No living beings can survive without air. But it is often polluted in various ways. Smoke is one of the most common agents that pollute the air. Man makes fires to cook food, make bricks, and melt tar, for road construction and to do many other things. Fires create smoke and pollute the air. Railway engines and powerhouses create smoke by burning coal and oil. People burn trash to get rid of them. Mills and factories also belch a lot of smoke. Buses, trucks, and cars use petrol and diesel oil. These too emit smoke. All these kinds of smoke pollute the air. In addition to the pollution caused by all kinds of automobiles in general, the vehicles with 2-stroke engine produce the fatal carbon monoxide gas, which is very dangerous for our health. And also pollutes the air, Again the mosquito coils, we burn at home to drive away mosquitoes are often injurious to our health. We should take determined action to control air pollution as quickly as possible and it can be done best by creating awareness among people.




Air Pollution

Air is life and one of the essential elements of our environment. It is part and parcel of our existence and all other living beings. But is a matter of great sorrow that nowadays we are polluting air seriously. Smoke from our kitchen, vehicles, Brickfields, melting pitch for road construction etc. pollute the air. Serious air pollution occurs in industrial areas where gas fumes come out from mills and factories. Sometimes leakage of poisonous gas causes serious sickens to the workers and even their death. Air pollution is a great threat to our health. To protect our health from air pollution, proper measures should be taken. If not, national health can never be saved. Our joint efforts and consciousness can prevent air pollution.