Short Paragraph on A Street Beggar


  1. Who is a street beggar?
  2. What does he wear?
  3. How does he approach the passers-by?
  4. How much does he earn?
  5. What is your opinion about begging as a profession?

Answer: a beggar who begs standing by a street is called a street beggar. He is usually found in the busy towns and cities. How often wears torn, dirty and patched clothes. Street beggar may be lame, blind or dumb. He usually carries a vessel in his hands. He tries to draw the attention of the passers-by uttering painful words. He usually recites from the holy Qur’an and tries to stir the religious sentiments of the passer-by. Many passers-by feel pity and sympathy for him and give him coins. He receives the coins with a grateful heart and wishes a peaceful life for him. The income of a street beggar is not enough for him to keep body and soul together. A street beggar is a social parasite. He gives nothing to the society but brings slur on the nation. The removal of the beggary from the society is the crying need of the day.

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