Paragraph on The Prize Giving Day at Our School


  • When was the prize giving day celebrated?
  • How the campus of your school decorated?
  • Who was the chief guest?
  • What did the chief guest do on this day?
  • What did the headmistress and the teachers do?
  • How did the students enjoy this day?
  • How was it concluded in?

Answer: A prize-giving day is an annual event in a school. It is a special day particularly for the students who excel in academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. We had our prize-giving day on 5 December last year. The entire stage was colorfully decorated. Our headmistress and her colleagues received the chief guest at the gate. Then he was guided to the auditorium. At 10:00 am the programme started with the recitation from the Holy Quran ‍. The headmistress delivered her welcome speech. Then the chief guest along with the headmistress took their positions on the dais. One of our respected teachers called over the names of the recipients. They went up to the chief guest one by one and took prizes. He congratulated them as he shook hands. After about an hour, the ceremony was over. The chief guest thanked all and advised the students to devote themselves to study and nation building works. The headmistress gave her concluding speech thanking all. Finally, the day’s programme ended with a musical soiree. I personally enjoyed the day, very much and still remember every bit of it.