Paragraph on Our School Magazine


  1. What is a school magazine?
  2. How is the magazine committee formed?
  3. How are the editors elected?
  4. What is the function of a business editor?
  5. What does the magazine contain?
  6. What is the necessity of publishing a magazine?

Answer: A school magazine is the mirror of the literary works of the teachers and the students of the school. We are the students of a renowned school in the district of Manikgonj. We publish a magazine every year from our school. We have magazine committee consisting of nine members they are: three teachers and six students. The headmaster acts as the chief patron of the committee. The other two teachers act as adviser and proof-reader. The other editors are elected from among the students. Spaces are sold to the business concerns for advertising of their products. We have a magazine found to meet the necessary essays, poems, stories, short plays, riddles, jokes etc written by the teachers and the students. Our school magazine is a great boon to us. It helps us express our feelings and thoughts and develop our creative powers. We are proud of our school magazine.

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