Paragraph on How to Behave with Friends

Behavior means the manners or conducts shown to others and friend means a company. A friend is not a relative but known to each other very well. Man is a social being. He has to maintain a good relationship with someone of his own age. In doing so he makes friends to maintain it. Behavior is very important. I am a student and so I have some friends who are my classmates. I should know how to behave with them. First, I should select three or more brilliant students in my class as my friends. I should behave with them very gently. I should be insinuating with them. Then I should help my friends in all respects even in times of their danger. Because a true friend is always ready to make any sacrifice for his friends. When I help my friend, I feel happy. I should not quarrel with them. I should study together and discuss various problems about the study. I should keep their minds filled with the fresh air of love. Next, I should invite my friends to my house. I must invite my friends when any function will be held. I should stand by my friends in his weal and woe. After that, I should be the daily partner of games and other necessary matter they feel. Finally, bad temper should be avoided. I should remember ” A friend in need is a friend indeed.” I should accept all good qualities in my friends and convince them to give up their had practice if any I know a good company makes a man good. In order to reach the goal in life if Behavior is a great virtue and this virtue helps prolongs maintaining friendship forever. So, every day should be careful about his behavior in choosing and keep and maintain a friendship.
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