Paragraph on Grameen Bank

Question: Write a paragraph on “Grameen Bank” by answering the following questions: What is Grameen Bank? What are the objectives of this bank? When was it established? Why did the Nobel Committee select Yunus and his Grameen Bank for the Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Globalization

Globalization basically refers to the expansion of trade and commerce between all countries but now it has encompassed many other spheres of life. People can now travel anywhere facing fewer immigration barriers and can communicate with anyone staying anywhere within Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Bangladeshi Culture

Question: What is a culture? What is Bangladeshi culture? How these affect the people? What are the cultures of the ethnical group? What are the social and cultural activities of the people? How the people of Bangladesh celebrate their culture? Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Ramadan

Question:  What has Allah said about siam? What has the holy prophet said about siam? What is the religious importance of siam? What is the social importance of siam? What is the physical benefit of siam? Answer: Fasting is another Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Christmas

Question: What is the most important religious festival of the Christian? What is the date of this festival? When was Jesus Christ born? How was the system of giving presentations to one another invented? What do the Christians do on Continue Reading »