Dialogue Between Yourself and The Principal of Your College for A Transfer Certificate

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Question: Your father has been transferred from Dhaka to Jamalpur. You met the Principal of your college for a Transfer Certificate. At first, he was unwilling to give you the T.C. But somehow, he was managed. New write a dialogue between yourself and the Principal of your college for a Transfer Certificate.



Myself: May I come in, sir?

Principal: Yes, come in.

Myself: Good morning, sir.

Principal: Good morning. What do you Want?

Myself: Sir, I want a transfer certificate.

Principal: A transfer certificate! Why do you need a transfer certificate? It’s the middle of the session.

Myself: My father has been transferred from Dhaka to Jamalpur. Principal Oh! I see. Can’t you stay here for the rest of the session?

Myself: Sorry. I can’t. My father is unable to afford me here.

Principal: Don’t you have any relative here?

Myself: No, I haven’t.

Principal: Have you written an application?

Myself: Yes sir. Here it is.

Principal: Have you cleared your tuition fees?

Myself: Yes, sir. Here is the money receipt. Principal Ok. Then meet the Head Clerk. He’ll help you in this regard.

Myself: Thank you, sir.

Principal: God bless you my child.


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