Dialogue Between Two Friends About Their Preparation for The Exam

Question: Suppose you are going to appear at SSC Examination very soon. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Ahmed about your preparation for the exam.

Answer: A dialogue between two friends about their preparation for the exam:

Myself: Hello Ahmed, how are you?

Ahmed: Fine. What about you?

Myself: I am worried about our SSC Exam.

Ahmed: Why are you worried? You are a good student Have you not prepared well?

Myself: Yes, I have prepared well. But till now I could not finish my preparation in Mathematics.

Ahmed: I could not prepare myself very well in English.

Myself: There Is still two months’ time. By this time, you Will finish your preparation ire English.

Ahmed: Yes. I think you will also be able to finish your preparation in Mathis

Myself: Thank you. Please pray for me I shall also pray to God for your grand success.

Ahmed: Oh, yes, very good. Don’t worry Thank you so much.

Myself: Most welcome.