Dialogue Between the Landlord and Yourself About House Rent

Question: you want to rent a house for yourself. You learnt about a house to-let from the newspaper. You want to learn the rent and the facilities of the house. Write a dialogue between the landlord and yourself.

Answer: A dialogue between a landlord (L.L.) and myself:

My Self: Excuse me, could I speak to Mr Islam?

L.L.: Yes, I’m Islam. How could I help you?

My Self: Yesterday I noticed an advertisement about renting your flat.

L.L.: Yes, that’s on the second floor.

My Self: Would you please give me some other information.

L.L.: Of course, what do you want to know?

My Self: Can I have an idea about the flat.

L.L.: It’s south facing. There are two bedrooms, one living room and one dining room. There are two bathrooms, one spacious veranda and one well-decorated kitchen. Would you please tell me about your profession and family?

My Self: I’m a govt. employee. There’re five members in my family.

L.L.: Do you want to know anything more?

My Self: May I know the rent?

L.L.: Yes, it’s eight thousand takas per month.

My Self: Is it including all the bills?

L.L.: Oh, no. You’ll have to pay the water, electricity and gas bills.

My Self: What is the system for paying the rent?

L.L.: You’ll have to pay fifteen thousand takes in advance and the rent will have to be paid within the seventh of the next month.

My Self: May I have a look at your flat?

L.L.: Sure.

My Self: Oh, this will serve my repose. I’ll come tomorrow for making a contract.