Dialogue Between My Friend and Myself at The Railway Station Unexpectedly

Question: You have met your friend at the railway station unexpectedly. You have completed your master’s degree in English and joined the University of Dhaka as a lecturer. Your friend has got a Fulbright scholarship from a foreign university who is a BUET graduate. Write a dialogue between you and your friend.

Answer: A dialogue between my friend Nazim and myself:

Myself: Hello Nazim, you’re here. How are you?

Nazim: I am fine. Happy to meet you. It’s long since I met you last.

Myself: Yes, it’s for about seven years. What are you doing now?

Nazim: I have completed my graduation in computer science from BUET.

Myself: Very nice. What is the future plan?

Nazim: You’ll be happy to know that I’m going to London next week getting a Fulbright scholarship.

Myself: Really you deserve it.

Nazim: Now tell me about you.

Myself: I have joined the department of English at Dhaka University as a lecturer.

Nazim: You’re also very fortunate.

Myself: Thanks, you. I wish you the best of luck.

Nazim: Same to you.