Application for Buying More Reference Books for the School Library

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Question: suppose, you are the students of X high school. Your school library has a small stock of books. But it does not meet your necessity. Now, write an application to your headmaster praying for buying more reference books for the school library.


22 February
The Headmaster
X high school, Dhaka.

Subject: prayer for buying/purchasing more reference books for the school library.

Dear Sir,
I, on behalf of the students of our school, beg to state that the number book available in the school library is inadequate to meet the demands of the students. Most the existing books are novels and poetry by ancient writers and cannot satisfy our thirst for up-to-date knowledge and information. The promising students want to read books of modern writers and reference books on different subjects.

I, therefore, pray that you would take necessary steps to buy more reference books to enrich our school library.

Sincerely yours,
Habibur Rahman
On behalf of the students of X high school, Dhaka


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