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Welcome to About Us page of www.ghior.com. Hear you get some important information about this site.


Short description

Ghior.com is a website that provides high-quality English essays, compositions, paragraphs, applications, email, letters, conversation, grammar, etc. Without any cost!

Now daily thousands of unique visitors come to this site to get help or needed knowledge and information. Most of them are students, teachers and online learners.

Information on this site

We collect all the information of this site from different kinds of source.  Like; schools, colleges, university, books, professional publications, teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers etc.

New posts are added on a regular basis, and many of the new posts we include on the site are suggested by the site’s users.


First Ghior.com was created on Google’s BlogSpot platform by Md Atiqur Rahman Atiq. And after starting it is transferred from BlogSpot to self-hosted WordPress platform on the 9th January 2018. The main reason behind transferring was to provide to our visitors more information and resources with a very easy navigation.


To provide educational information and resources for students, professionals and online learners for free.


  1. Our first aim is to spread our knowledge to all beginner/ learner/ students in every corner of online world
  2. Our second aim to be the best provider of web English grammar, tense, verb, proverbs and high-quality letters, applications, essays, compositions, paragraphs etc…What you thinking about English learning!
  3. Our third also aim to create a connection with every online learner to share the skills that we have.


We want to say thank you so much for your interest in our site and reading this page. And at the ending part of the page, we are inviting you to visit this site again.

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