Sunday, November 26, 2017

Composition on The Rainy Season in Bangladesh

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Introduction: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is the second of them. It comes just after the scorching heat of summer. The month of Ashar and Sraban is the rainy season.

When and how it occurs/How it causes: The extreme heat of the summer turns sea water in vapor. The wind which blows over our country in this season carries the vapor. This vapor comes in contact with the cool air or at the top of the mountain, it freezes into cloud and causes rain fall.

Short description/Demerits: In the rainy season, the sky is overcast with black clouds. Sometimes, the sun can never be seen for days together. There is heavy rainfall with flashes of lighting and roars of thunder. Sometimes, it rains continuously for days and nights. Rivers of our country grow violet, overflow their banks and causes flood. Fields, meadows and low roads of Bangladesh go under water and people cannot go out to do their out-door works.

Advantages and disadvantages: The rainy season is the giver of life and nature. During the hot days of the summer, all nature seems dead. Animals grow sick of terrible heat. Men feel tired. When the rain set in, the whole face of nature becomes change. The dried-up land gets new life. All the trees, plants and crops grow up with the advent of the rainy season. Nature becomes green and fresh. The peasants of our country become happy as they can till their lands and grow crops. The rainy season has its disadvantages also. As it rains all the day long, it is impossible to go out-side. The poor villagers who live in huts suffer much. They cannot go to work. They have to go without food with all the members of the family. Excessive rainfall causes flood and damages the crops. Sometimes it sweeps away cattle and other things of the villagers. As a result, famine breaks out sometimes.

Usefulness/Blessing of the season: The rainy season is also useful to us. It purifies the air and washes away filths. It lessens the summer heat. Green leaves grow in trees. The cultivators of our country can make the paddy fields ready. Our crops, trees and plants grow rapidly. Various juicy fruits such as jack-fruits, mangoes, bananas, pineapples etc. ripen at this time.

Conclusion: The rainy season has both advantages and disadvantages. But it is the most important and useful season in our country. As it is responsive it does well to us in many ways.