Wednesday, September 06, 2017

An essay on Importance of Education to The Youth

Society is an entity that cannot be separated from us. It is we who make up the society. It is entirely in our hands whether to add value to our education or devalue it.

Education clarifies the difference between the 'right' and the `wrong' and helps inculcate virtues in young minds. What is the importance of education to the youth? Youth is that phase of life where dreams are built, hope is kindled, and a bright future is foreseen. Youth is a beautiful phase of life where a child turns into an energetic, confident individual. It is the growing phase of life, the stage to achieve a complete physical and mental growth. Those are the years to understand yourself, discover your potentials, grab opportunities and pursue success. Those are the years to foster moral principles, construct your value system and begin an all-new journey on the path of the 'right'.

Education serves as the means to bring about the desired change in society, to develop a generation of virtuous individuals and thus contribute to the development of good human beings. The fundamental purpose of education is to gain knowledge, inculcate the forms of proper conduct and acquire technical competency. Education serves as the means to develop oneself physically, mentally and socially. The importance of education to young people manifests itself in terms of the need to cultivate the youth of society into mature individuals. Education is important for the youth, as youth is their growing stage. It is the time to develop the principles of life, make career decisions and begin the pursuit of one's goals.

Education to the youth should consist of the training that is an d, Hi to their fields of interest. The education should help the youth define their career objectives, decide what they want from life and enable them to achieve success in their fields of interest. Education to the youth must aim at helping an individual form a skill set and work upon it to develop expertise in the areas of his/her interest. The education for the youth should consist of courses that can help them with their careers and aims of life.

Education to the youth should open doors for new opportunities in various fields. It should help the youth find avenues to pursue their likes. It should enable them to venture into new fields and explore new areas. Education must help the youth realize their goals.

It is important that the education to the youth aims at developing a social awareness in these adults-to-be. It is important that the training given to them consists of environmental education. Values like saving animals, curbing deforestation, controlling pollution should be inculcated in the youth of today. The education to the youth should bring before them the present-day problems faced by the society. The youth might come up with innovative solutions to the problems of today.

Education should aim at resolving to foster the good practices into the youth in such a way as a conscious choice rejecting the bad ones. Education to the youth should bring forth the critical social issues and encourage the youngsters to resolve them. Education should motivate the youth to come forward to work for society. It should instill in them a feeling that they belong to the society and that it is their responsibility to drive it on the righteous path. Overpopulation is another important social issue we face today. It is one of the greatest concerns of mankind. Sex education, effects of excessive growth of population and the ways of controlling population need to be taught to the youth of the present times. The education to the youth should give them a sense of social awareness, along with their growing sense of self-awareness.

The fundamental purpose of education is to create good human beings. Education is vital to the healthy growth and development of one's personality. In making the `beings' human' to produce `human beings' lies the importance of education to the youth.