Thursday, August 17, 2017

Short Paragraph on The Rice

The Rice is our principal food. Nearly half of the people of the world live on rice. We get it from paddy. The farmer first till land very well. Then they sow the seeds. In a few days the seeds come up. About two months after, ears of paddy come out. After three months more, the paddy ripens. Then we husk paddy and get rice. Rice is found all over the world. It grows best in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma, India, china, japan, Thailand etc. There are kinds of rice in our country-aus, aman and boro. There are another kind of rice – called ‘IRRI’ grows well in Bangladesh. Rice is the main crop of Bangladesh. We eat rice. Chira, khai, cake etc. are made of rice and we eat those as food. Its straw is used as fuel and to make the huts of poor men. It is also used to making cloths paper and wine. As rice is our main food, so we should take proper care for its production.


The Rice

Rice is the main food of the people of Bangladesh. We get rice from a plant called paddy. About half of the people of the world live or rice. There are different kinds of rice. They are mainly three – aush, aman and boro. Nowadays ‘irri’ is also grown. Of them ‘aman’ is the best. Paddy fields are first ploughed and harrowed. Seeds of aush and aman are sown at the end of chaitra and and baishakh. ‘aush’ plants become mature in ashar and ripens in chaitra. ‘irri’ grows all through the year. Rice grows well in hot and moist climate. It grows in Bangladesh, india, Myanmar, china, Indonesia, japan and u.s.a. paddies are cut when they become ripe. Then they are separated from the stlk and sunned. We use rice in a number of ways. We take rice twice daily. Flattened rice, fried rice is prepared from it. Cakes of different kinds are made from rice. When the sunned paddy is husked we get ‘atap’ rice. For boiled rice the paddy is first boiled and then sunned again and husked. A kind of sweet called ‘payes’ or ‘firni’ is made of ‘atap’ rice. It is very tasteful to eat. The stalk of the paddy is dried into straw. It is used we should try to grow more and more rice.