Reasons for And Against Dieting

Dieting can change a person's life for the better or ruin one's health completely. Almost 90% of the women today want a beautiful figure. That is why we are able to find a diet program almost everywhere in the country. Most of the women have thought and gone on a diet before either to slim down or just for health problem.

Dieting seems to be part of our life in this modem society, especially for those who are health conscious. Different people choose different types of dieting methods, trying to achieve what they believe to be good for either their health or physical appearance. In general, most of the people who diet is focusing on controlling their weight.

In our urban society, most of the working-class pet-sons do not have the opportunity to consume a healthy meal. Their daily meals consist of fast food which contains high amount of fat and salt. The most significant proof of this unhealthy lifestyle is weight gain especially among those middle age working professionals. Therefore, most of these young and energetic people have to control their diet in order to stay in shape either for their appearance or health. The most common and proper method of maintaining one's weight is eating less oily food, preferably more green vegetables, fruits and avoid alcohol.

A proper diet program will help you not only to slim down but also to have a healthier eating habit. For instance, taking more vegetables and fruits than meat, avoiding fried food and carbonated drinks are good for health. For a diet program, we shouldn't cut ourselves from food and water are good for health. There are some diet programs from the doctors that help you to have a healthy heart like the "Three-day diet" which we can find on the Internet. From this program allows you to eat fruits and also some meat. This way of dieting you will be able to avoid some of the health problems in the future like diabetes or a heart attack.

However, some people do not only go on a diet but they avoid eating and go hungry for the whole day. All they have is just either water or juices. Also, there are people who buy special diet programmes over the counter like taking pills which are not approved by the health department. They do not follow the basic rules of dieting and this will lead them to some serious health problems like dysfunctional of some body parts or, even worse, death.

Again, some have restored to losing weight by restricting their diet to the very minimal or not eating at all for days. Others will make themselves vomit after each meal. Many others will go for dieting medication and beverages that cause them to lose their appetite. These unhealthy dieting will cause internal damage in the long run.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong going on a diet as long as we follow the correct way of eating. Dieting for better health is more important than solely for looking attractive. Individuals who wish to control their weight should seek professional advice if they are unable to reduce their weight after switching over to a healthy diet for a period of time. Losing weight and losing your health together does not benefit any individual.