Monday, May 09, 2016

Composition on The Game of Cricket

Hints: introduction, how played, usefulness, conclusion.

Cricket is the national game of English. But now it is played in many countries of the world. The game is played between two teams. Each party consists of eleven players. It is played in a large plot of land. Two bats, two sets of stumps, two pair of bails and small leather ball are required. One set of stumps each consisting of three stumps is fixed just opposite to the other. The distance between them is 22 yards. The bails are placed on these stumps which are called wickets. There are two judges called the umpires. Of the two teams, at first one bats and the other bowls and fields. When the batting of the first team is over the second, team bats and the first one bowls and fields. Players stand in their different places and the game begins. The bowler throws the ball. He tries to hit the stumps opposite to him. The batsman resists it. If he succeeds, he and the other batman run from wicket to wicket until the bowler can catch hold of the ball. These runs are counted. If the ball touches any of the stumps, the batsman is out. He may be out in other ways as well. When one batsman is out, he retires and another goes in to bat. If all the batsman of a parts are out, the other party takes the bat and the play begins as before. The party that scores the greater number of runs wins the game. Cricket is one of the best out-door games. It is a good physical exercise. It teaches us patience, perseverance, obedience, co-operation and international brotherhood. Cricket is undoubtedly a good game. But is it very costly. The poor cannot play this game.