Thursday, March 10, 2016

Composition on Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

Introduction: this is one of the popular proverbs. The meaning of the proverb is that urgent need impels one to devise means. It is obviously seen that when a man feels the need of anything, he begins to think the way how he can satisfy his needs.

Utility of the proverb: the value of this proverb lies in its utility. The idea of this famous saying is not the whole truth. Mere necessity would not help us much to invent something if we were not moved by thought. For example, animals have their needs. But as they lack the power of thinking, they cannot invent anything. They only act on their instinct. So the proverb should go thus – necessity is the mother of invention only when it is supported by the power of thinking.

Some examples: form time immemorial, man is the slave of his needs. Today’s modern age of science and technology is the result of this necessity of man. In the primitive age man felt the necessity to live in peace and happiness. So they though to build houses. They invented bows and arrows to protect themselves from wild animals. Clothes were devised as protection against cold. Thus the men in primitive times were gradually developing their life-style having driven by the necessities of their daily life.

Today’s world is a world of comfort. All the things invented here by man are to satisfy his demands. So necessity is the main reason to invent things which leads us to a creative world.

Exceptions: there are exceptions also. Some men seek to satisfy not only their necessities of life but also their desire for beauty, passion for knowledge and their lust for power. So more satisfaction of needs can never be the sole motive for exercising their faculties for invention.

Conclusion: it is true that necessity impels man to be creative and active. It brings about a change in the conventional ways of life. To remove monotony of life we have to expand our needs which will be our greater incentive to invent new things of more pleasure and comfort.