Friday, March 18, 2016

Composition on Eradication of Illiteracy

Introduction: illiteracy is a great cause of a country. To have the light of literacy is one of the basic rights of man. Without literacy a citizen can’t get the fulfilled right. So to drive away illiteracy is the crying need of the present day civilization.

Blessing of literacy: Man is now the lord of the creation for the blessing of knowledge. Man has invented and discovered many things that caused us comforts and luxuries. Knowledge can drive away all our sufferings; knowledge is at the root of all success.

Cause of illiteracy: an illiterate man is not better than a beast. Illiteracy and poverty are closely connected. Illiterate people are poor and poor people are illiterate. Poverty is a curse. So runs the proverb, illiteracy is at the root of all evils. An illiterate man has no conscience. He can’t make out a bright days for his development. In the days a science most to the people shame for us. Illiteracy causes poverty and many other disadvantages. All kinds of developmental programmes come of dust for the curse of our illiteracy.

Steps taken by the government: the government of Bangladesh has undertaken some measures to eradicate illiteracy. For this, a thana has been selected is every district at the first instance. Every child between the ages of five to seven is taught three.

Education for food: the government has launched food for education programme. Its purpose is to encourage the poor parents to send their children to school. Sixty four thanes have been selected under this programme.

Conclusion: Literacy is light and this light helps us see the way brightly. Illiteracy is darkness that pushes us to so many problems. So, we all should try to remove our illiteracy.