Sunday, March 20, 2016

An Application to Change of Section

Question: Suppose you’re in section “A” in class nine. You would like to be in section “B”. Write an application to the headmaster of your school for change of section. Give reasons for this change.

The Headmaster
“X” High School, Dhaka.

Subject: An Application to Change of Section.

I beg most respectfully to state that I am a student of section A of class Nine and my Roll No. 10. I want to change my section from A to B because two friends of mine are in section B. we live in the same place and one of them is my next door neighbor. We come to school and go home together after school every day.

I am a poor student and cannot afford to buy a few of my text books. If I am allowed this change of section, this will help me a log.

I can borrow these books for my friend or work with the books in the class. That way, I am sure, I condo better in my class work and exams.

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly grant my prayer and thus oblige.

You’re most obediently
Akbor Ali