Thursday, February 18, 2016

Short Essay on The Internet

Everybody talks about the Internet now-a-days, but most people don't really know, what actually it is. Briefly, speaking, "Internet is a web which has a very large numbers of computers connected to each other". These computers are connected with one and the another either through wire, satellite, microwaves or fiber optics cables. They are so programmed using many  browser software, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, that one can communicate from one computer to another computer within minutes. No one "own" the internet service. No one even really runs it. And no one can turn it off or on.

In other words, Internet is essentially a big network that links smaller net works and individual computers all over the world using modems, phone lines and satellite links.

Everyone is welcome in the arms of internet as long as one's computer runs the communication protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP). This universal standard allows different types of computers to communicate to each other, regardless of their make, model or operating system. In order to communicate information to travel on Internet, a computer breaks down the information/massage into smaller chunks of data called "packets" and send these packets through 'Modem', and through the telephone lines. These packets move separately from one line to another, one network to another, till they reach their final destination, where another computer gathers them all together and reassembles them into the original massage. The internet works in such a wonderful manner that even, data packets would find another route through different lines, networks and computers to reach the final destination.