Sunday, February 07, 2016

Paragraph on How to Improve Your English or Process of Improving English

There is no denying the fact that English is a rich language and it has got demand worldwide. It is a foreign language. Our mother tongue is Bengali. As English is a foreign language. It is not easy for us to learn it. First we should enrich vocabulary. We should know learn how to awake correct sentences. We should read many story books written in a simple language. We can pick up English world unconsciously while reading. Thus we should increase our poor vocabulary. Then we should speak do ourselves in English frequently. We should also be interests in English grammar e.g. appropriate use of words, tense, voice, change etc. in fact, if we want to improve our English we should read English a lot. We should try to understand the meaning of what we read. If we find any unknown word, we should look that up in the dictionary. We should think aloud in English. For instance, when one goes to have bath, one should say “I’m going to have a bath I have had a bath” and things like. If we follow this practice we should be able to speak English fluently. But when one speaks to oneself, make sure that one is alone. We should keep a diary and write a few pages every day in English. Totally, we should read interesting English stories, note the meaning of new words, listen to English, try to speak in English and keep a diary in English in order to improve English.