Sunday, September 10, 2017

Composition on The Worst Face of the Internet?

With the easy availability of Internet access, the internet is being misused not only by the youth and kids but also by the matured people. The easy availability of Pornography, the lustful chatting is causing havoc in the society.  The teenager boy and girls can be seen sitting in cyber cafes visiting adult’s sites, making lustful chats, wasting hours together and lots of money. Owning cyber cafes wherein provided separate cabins for the individual users, have become a lucrative money making business, at the cost of young generation. In spite of laws and rules to prevent such misuse of Internet, no result action is taken and that to a great extent responsible for degeneration and disintegration of youth of today, inviting maturity before date, knowing everything about sex. The increase in sex crimes, the moral degradation of youth, the increase in the cases of young boys and girls involved in sexual relations, due to easy accessibility of adult sites at internet.

Every agency, executives, politicians and parents are well aware of the face, but find no solution to stop the misuse of the internet. The government has to tackle this situation in order to keep the youth away from such sites. At last the cyber cafes must be checked and stern action or exemplary punishment must be awarded to such a person running cafes found involved in such activities.