Saturday, January 16, 2016

Paragraph on The Possibilities of Earthquake in Bangladesh


  • What is earthquake?
  • Why is it caused?
  • What is its possibility in Bangladesh?
  • What should the govt. do in this regard?
  • What should the common people do?

Answer: Earthquake is one of the most common natural disasters on earth. Earthquake is an abrupt movement of a part of the Earth’s surface. IT is caused by deep crack in the earth or by volcanic eruption. If there is any fault line in a geographical area, there has a great chance of occurring earthquakes in that area and if causes great disaster. In Bangladesh, there are two schools of experts on earthquake. One group of experts thinks that there is no possibility of occurring major earthquake in Bangladesh. The other group of experts opine in the different way. They think that Bangladesh is in the active zone of earthquake. Now it is frequently occur in Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh are not aware of the danger of earthquake. Most of the buildings of our country will be destroyed if they are not built in accordance with an earthquake resistant building code. A group of experts opine that the repetition of quakes in recent years should be taken as a signal for a major earthquake. So, in order to protect us from this impending danger we must be conscious about the causes and results of earthquake. We should not build house without the advice of expert so that it can survive in the event of an earthquake. The government should take steps for this disaster. The government should develop earthquake resistant building code that all buildings should follow as mandatory.