Sunday, January 24, 2016

Role of Women or Women’s Contribution to Our Society


  • Is the status of women changing in Bangladesh?
  • What changes do you notice in the women?
  • Do you appreciate the changes?
  • How do they support their family?
  • What are the jobs they do now?

Answer: About half of the world population or a large part of the population is woman. No nations can achieve success without the participation of women in any society. They perform the duties of a mother, a wife, a home-maker etc. It is a common belief that women should do these traditional duties. It is very encouraging to observe that women are no more confined in their homes. They are no more only mother and home-maker; they are no more dependent on men. Their role is changing gradually. In the past women were thought to be the inferior and weaker section of the society. The majority of the houses were male dominated and women most often had nothing to say in decision making. But it is noticed with pleasure that the very old idea that women for birth and men for field is being changed. Women are getting educated. They are becoming, conscious about their rights and privileges. So they are coming out of home and joining workforce which was unthinkable to the family income and at the same time they are exercising an influence on the family affairs. They are participating in armed forces and trying whole heatedly to serve the nation. Women are becoming pilots, and they are also conducting business.