Saturday, January 16, 2016

Paragraph on Bangladesh Parliament (Sangsad Bhaban)

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  • What is Sangsad Bhaban?
  • Where is the Sangsad Bhaban?
  • Who designed it?
  • What happens in the Sangsad Bhaban?
  • When was the Bhaban inaugurated?

The Sangsad Bhaban at She-E-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka is a wonder of modern architecture and technology. It is one of the largest and most spectacular parliament buildings in the world. Originally Designed by the famous American architect Louis I. Kahn, this 155 ft. high 9-storey building is surrounded by an artificial lake called the Crescent Lake. The main section is hidden behind a strong outer covering with circular and triangular openings. The structure has 1605, 335 windows, 365 ventilators and corridors totaling to a bewildering length of 41.6 kilometers. One could easily get lost in these deceptive corridors. The house has 354 seats for MPs, 56 for guests, 40 for journalists and 430 for spectators. It has also three party rooms each of which can seat 153 people. The whole place is air-conditioned and includes all modern amenities. Although construction work on this structure started in 1964, it was finally inaugurated in 1982 and the first parliamentary season was held on 15 February the same year. Being a highly complex structure, its annual maintenance cost is about 50 million taka. This is truly a wonder for a poor country like Bangladesh.