Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Composition on Travelling As Part of Education

Man’s natural desire for travel: in the past some people were desirous of travelling. Most of them where strange adventures of sailors. Columbus was eager to his voyages again and again. Every time he met with the great dangers and every time he took vow not to go out again if he would escape. But after a few days rest at home, his wander-lust got the better of him and he want out again. Marcopolo, Vaskoda Gama, Ibn-Batuta’s lust for travel represent the natural wander-lust of man. They were curious by nature. A man wants to know the unknown, to see the unseen. Books and pictures do not give him full satisfaction; he wants to know, see with his own eyes. This why he is so fond of travelling.

Education travelling has pleasures too: The educational value of travellings cannot be over-estimated. It gives us firsthand knowledge of the places through which we pass: their physical feastures, their crops and minerals, their natural beauty. It also brings us into cantact with different ways of life. These lessons are more interesting and more effective then what we get from books. We read of the majesty of the Himalayas and the vastness of the ocean of the aboriginal tribes like the Santals and the kolas, and the lives of the village people in the interior. But we cannot have any clear conception of them unless we see them with our own eyes. This is why educational tours are encouraged everywhere.

The best means of travel: travelling gives us pleasures too. We go to Rangamati, Sylhet to enjoy the beauty of nature. We go to Cox’s Bazar sea beach to enjoy the beauty of the sea but even a short trip to an ordinary new place relives monotony and fills the mind with joy.
We have now different means of travel. But the best is to travel on foot or by cycle. This enables us to get into direct touch with all we pass through or meet, and study them thoroughly. This combines the joy of adventure with the joy of knowledge and experience. Besides, it is a good lesson in bearing hardships of all sort-hunger, sun, rain, fatigue, etc. and this is a good training of success in the struggle of life.