Saturday, October 03, 2015

Short Paragraph about Begging


  • What is begging?
  • Who is a beggar?
  • Does begging give anything to society?
  • How is a beggar treated?
  • Who have to beg in our country?
  • What are the reasons behind begging?

Answer: Begging is the tendency of asking people for money or food. He who begs this kind of thing from people to lead his life is a beggar. Begging does not give anything to society. Rather it spoils the image of the society. It lowers down self-respect and dignity of the person concerned. He has to beg from door to door to survive on earth. While begging he is sometimes refused as well as accepted. Sometimes he is scolded and humiliated. Nevertheless he has to beg alms. In our country those who are extremely poor and pauper have to beg. Besides, handicapped persons like deaf and dumb, paralyzed, blinded, have to beg alms. Moreover, someone pretending to be ill begs alms. It is a sign of hypocrisy. This kind of beggars should not be offered mercy. Actually there are several reasons behind begging. First of all, extreme poverty is existing here. Secondly, unemployment problem is severely found here. Thirdly, there is want of patriotic persons. Fourthly, illiteracy is prevalent here. Fifthly, everyone is busy in fulfilling own interest and intention. Whatever the reasons of begging are the beggars should be rehabilitated. Otherwise the number of beggars will be increasing. At this, the reputation of the nation will be defiled outside the state. Therefore, we should work Unitedly for the eradication of begging to ensure welfare of the state.